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CAF has multiple grant programs, each with specific eligibility criteria. To help determine which grant program is right for you, answer a few questions below. Your grant program application link will populate once you have answered these questions:

1. Are you eligible for CAF Grant Support?

To be eligible for CAF Grant support, an individual must have a permanent physical disability that impairs mobility, affects the neuromuscular system, or impairs balance or motor control.  

CAF uses the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) classification structure as a guideline for eligibility, and all qualifying individuals will be required to provide supporting documentation from a medical professional to explain how their physical disability permanently affects their activities of daily living.  

To read about CAF’s disability categories, click here: 


Diagnoses that would not be classified using the IPC guidelines may not be considered for support. 

Chronic pain diagnoses, non-permanent physical ailments, hearing impairments, cognitive and developmental disabilities do not qualify for support through CAF. 

Teams, groups, organizations, etc. cannot apply, as our programs are for individuals only.

If you have questions about eligibility, please contact before proceeding.